Land Tug is a professional service company that transports boats all over Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Our service caters to boats from 15ft-50ft (or maximum of 27,000Lbs.), powerboats and sailboats on cradles. We quote on an individual level with return load discounts, multiple load discounts, dedicated run pricing, as well as dealer contract discounts. We are a constantly evolving business and service, as new and improved equipment and ideas become available. We are the inventors of many new innovations for the industry. The equipment we use is hydraulic and self-sufficient, therefore there is no extra cost for loading/unloading on land or water. We carry full cargo boat insurance of up to $200,000 (must be declared prior to shipping). We only specialize in transporting of boats. We do not offer storage, repairs, etc.--- though we do have many commercial clients that specialize in these services and are more than happy to refer our clientele to them.


The benefit to marinas, repair shops, new/used boat dealers and anybody working within the boating industry is that we have multiple boat pricing. This is specialized for marinas’, clubs and dealers who require many boats moved during spring launch and winter pullout within their yards.


Another service we offer is specialized pricing for the retailers of new/used boats that enables them to be extra flexible in the sale of the boats and profitability in the delivery. We also offer an affordable hourly rate, designed for boat repair shops that may want to repair boats while still on the trailer.

  Another service we specialize in is boat trip packages. With this service we offer boaters a special price to relocate their boat to various bodies of water in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes for a holiday. This can be done as either a one way or two way trips. This means no more hours, days or weeks to get to your desired locations in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. We’ll pick-up your boat at your location and deliver it to where you are vacationing (we have multiple associated marinas boat services page) The costs related to the boater are minimized to cost a lot less than boating plus the time it saves. So don’t put off enjoying your boat in new & exciting places... give us a call and we are sure we can make your vacation one to remember.


Thank You


Jerry Sprenkels


President of Land Tug